Sports Betting Plus

Where to find Sports Betting Plus Lines
Log into your account and click on “Sports Betting Plus” from the Sportsbook drop down menu.

Odds Format 
The betting (mode) is defaulted to American, the Decimal and Fractional it can be changed in the upper left corner, of preferred.

PreMatch and LiveBetting
Sports Betting Plus offers 2 platforms where you can choose from, the Pre Match, and the Live Betting (you only need to click on the green button to change from Live to Prematch).



Quick Links (only for the Pre-Match platform)
Gives you fast access to the most important events for the day. You will see a variety of Sports listed under Events, for 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours. Click on your preference.

Favorites (only on Live Betting platform)
You can mark your games, to have a fast access to them in the favorite section.

Select The Game 
Under each Sport, you will see an array of options listed. Click on the game you want to bet on. Click on the lines/odds of your preference.


Type of Bet 
Now that you have selected your bet, choose the type of bet: Single or Multiple, and add the amount you would like to Risk or Win. (Multiple is not available on Live Betting)

Submit Ticket 
Click on “Submit This Ticket” if you have what you want or click on the red trash can bar, if you want to remove the bet from the betslip. Wagers are final once you confirm your bet on the bet slip (you will have a second confirmation in Prematch only, before the wager is final).


The grading of events offered on Sports Betting Plus are done through an automated feed from the supplier of the betting platform. No event will be manually graded unless a period of 3 hours has passed since the outcome of the wagering option was determined.

Second confirmation

Scores and game details displayed on our Sports Betting Plus are for reference only and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Delays in scores or any other game details displayed by the provider are completely out of our control and will not have any impact or bearing on the game grading. We recommend betting on events from which you have other information sources.