Have you ever wanted to bet on a player but no one had the odds?

Vietbet is the leader in online sports entertainment. With the evolution of sports betting, we are proud to announce Do-It-Yourself Bet Builder.

You are propelled to the driver’s seat. Start by selecting your sport, player(s) and the game. You can bet a single player’s statistical outcome for the game or pit two stars head-to-head to bet on who comes out ahead. Our advanced algorithms will automatically calculate the best odds anywhere.

Next, add your selection to the Bet Slip. Confirm the bets and start winning.

You will never watch your favorite games the same way with this awesome tool!

Step 1
Select Bet Builder.


Step 2
Select your Sport, Player, and Matchup.


Step 3
Select Statistic (single player prop) or Head-to-Head.



Step 4
Add other players to your prop for all head-to-head prop markets.


Step 5
Select one of the Statistics from the menu.


Step 6
Select your odds type between Decimal / American as you preferred.



Step 7
Add your wager to Bet Slip .



Step 8
Place your risk amount .

Step 9
Submit wagers by clicking Place Bets.


Step 10
Confirm all bets.

Step 11
Wait for successful bet confirmation.



Bet Builder FAQs

Q: When will bets be graded?
A: Within 1 hour from the conclusion of each match.

Q: Are singles paid as a winner if the player hits exactly their target?
A: Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target. For example, if you have a player to score at least 20 points, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player has 20 or more points.

Q: What happens in a Head to Head in the event of a tie?
A: Head to Head bets are non winners in the event of a tie because the bet condition is for player A to have more than player B. Your selected player must exceed the other player in order for the bet to win. There is no return for a tie. For example, if both players have 25 points, your bet will be graded as a loss.

Q: Can I parlay these bets?
A: Yes! ­ You can parlay bets built within the same Bet Builder platform, even across different sports.

Q: Can I use bonus money on the Bet Builder?
A: No, only real money bets are accepted.
Q: Where does the data come from?
A: All of our US sports statistics come from STATS Inc. All of our Football Statistics come from Opta.

Q: What happens if one of the players in my bet does not play or start?
A: In the event that a player does not play, the bet will be voided. For Soccer bets, the bet will be void if the player does not start the match.

Q: Where can I follow the progress of my Bet Builder bets?
A: The My Bets section of the Bet Builder platform contains all open and past bets. You can follow your bets live as they update with real time statistics. However, bet results aren’t official until the game is over and the bet has been graded.